Our Purpose

To inspire a movement of true, lasting change that makes the world a better place.


Our Guiding Principles

Belonging: Create a culture of warmth and belonging where everyone is valued and celebrated for their inherent worth, their innate gifts and their spectacular differences.

Be present: Be present and connect with genuine curiosity, dignity and respect – respect for human beings inside and outside our company and the communities where they live and serve.

Be true: Be true in expressing ourselves, our ideas, zones of genii, struggles and emotions. Celebrate the best in ourselves and others as well as wins both big and small.

Deliver and serve with integrity: Deliver with our best in all we do, hold ourselves accountable for results; aim for constant progress, not perfection; relentlessly uphold our values.

Everyone is a leader: walk the talk even when it’s uncomfortable; courageously shape a better future, challenge the status quo; inspire greatness in and from others.

Create a better world: create ripples of sustainable, meaningful impact through our work and that of others by inspiring win/wins through shared profitability that takes care of people as well as the planet and true, lasting change that makes the world a better place.

The Movement

Whether an entrepreneur, business professional or executive, people are watching and learning from you each day. How successful are you in leading your customers, employees and tribe? It is the mission of DVLP Solutions to create and support a movement of leaders who strive for global impact, strong relationships throughout the community, shared profitability that takes care of people as well as the planet and true, lasting change that makes the world a better place. Join the movement!

The Work

DVLP Solutions is a strategic advising and business consulting firm helping leaders, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and social impact companies develop themselves, build their teams and scale up their companies so they can make more money, make an impact and help make the world a better place.

We help:

Purpose-driven entrepreneurs create, grow and scale their businesses to new levels of success so they can be strong catalysts for purpose, change and profit. Learn more here: http://dvlpsolutions.com/social-entrepreneurs/

Leaders increase their influence, magnify their impact and maximize their potential so they become champions for themselves, their teams and their companies. Learn more here: http://dvlpsolutions.com/conscious-leaders/

Social impact companies,and their leadership teams, successfully navigate the growing pains and opportunities at different stages of growth. Learn more here: http://dvlpsolutions.com/impact-companies/

 The Team

Jenn Outside Head      Jennifer Olson –  Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Olson has over 25 years of experience working in companies, from start-ups to Fortune 500’s, small family businesses to nonprofit and for profit firms. As an expert in leadership and business development, Jennifer is a successful leader and strategic thinker with broad-based expertise in operations, marketing, finance, strategic planning, program and culture development. She has spent years working with executives, managers, entrepreneurs and boards to forge new strategies that breakthrough plateaus to reach the next level of success.

Jennifer loves providing customized solutions that specifically address the areas of greatest need for her clients.  As a certified coach, an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, a certified instructor in the Art of Feminine Presence and a Core Dynamic Specialist in Training, she has a unique blend of credentials that enable her and her team to weave proven business strategies with nontraditional physical, energetic and values-based leadership practices that help business owners and leaders thrive exceeding their own expectations, goals and profits.

Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family outdoors skiing, camping, hiking and just having fun. She can be seen on weekends coaching girls soccer, playing with horses, dancing with her husband, taking in a new movie or reading a good book.


Lisa B      Lisa Berquist –  Chief Relational Officer

Lisa Berquist is a leadership development coach who has been mentoring individuals for over 30 years.  She specializes in teaching professional women how to increase their confidence and personal presence to get the recognition they are looking for both professionally and personally.

Lisa has held various leadership positions throughout her career at a Fortune 500 company. Her work in the telecommunications industry focused on multiple areas of the business including, IT, operations management, process improvement, project/program management, customer service, and change management.  Lisa now brings her extensive background to her work with her coaching clients and firmly believes that impactful leaders are those who know themselves well and who lead from the inside out.  Her approach is direct, honest, challenging, and supportive.

Lisa is a certified coach,a certified instructor in the Art of Feminine Presence and currently serves on the Board of Directors of two non-profit organizations, DenUM (Denver Urban Ministries) and Telecom Pioneers.


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