Can People Really Change?

By Jennifer Olson As so often happens during the holiday season, a family member and I got into a heated discussion. “People aren’t capable of change”  “WHAT? That’s not true! That’s what I help people do. CHANGE. I know they have the ability to change and have seen it happen.”   “No, they only think they[…]

How to Own Your Value

By Jennifer Olson I meet many promising leaders and entrepreneurs who have so much to share with the world, yet they struggle with the confidence to own their perspective, expertise, value and their worth.  It’s one of the leading reasons people don’t succeed. Rob Schultz recently discussed this topic in his blog If You Don’t Buy[…]

Three Ways to Love More and Judge Less

By Jennifer Olson In the days following the last presidential election, there was a great deal of judgement, fear, despair and sadness floating around our environments. As the battles continue, people feel inundated with negativity, resistance, anger and uncertainty. The holidays have offered a bit of reprieve for some yet with the inauguration around the[…]

How Is Your Body Apologizing?

How is your body giving you away? When we meet people, give a presentation or networking, if we are lacking confidence, feeling awkward or feeling out of our element, our body gives away clues as to how we are really feeling – a body apology. Learn the most common body apology and how to correct[…]

What’s Missing on Your Path to Success?

By Jennifer Olson

Road Travelled


“Help! I’m doing everything I’m told and working really hard yet it’s not working.”

I hear this from so many business professionals and service-based entrepreneurs. They work really hard. They watch and learn from the best. They implement all the steps they’ve been told are necessary to be successful in their careers or their business, and it just isn’t working.

What’s missing? […]