Impact Driven Entrepreneurs


Are you a purpose driven entrepreneur who is:

  • Motivated and committed to creating, growing or scaling your business?

  • Needing guidance, support and mentorship that is in alignment with your vision to get your business making money fast or sustainably jumping to the next level?

  • Looking for a coach that knows your business, is deeply invested in your success and supporting you regularly to make that happen?

  • Sick and tired of getting a ton of information that overwhelms and confuses you, yet doesn’t give you the clear direction you need to succeed?

We support clients in carving a path that boldly and unapologetically allows you to create the business and the life you want to live.

We do not take a “one-size fits all” perspective. Instead, we seek to celebrate the unique differences of each of our clients so that we can help them leverage those differences to their own business and leadership advantage. Additionally, we help you focus on all areas of your life, not just the professional aspects. At times, entrepreneurship and leadership can get lonely. It’s important that one takes a holistic approach in supporting growth in these areas so that each individual, team and company is nurtured along.

  • We offer a one-on-one personalized, custom program for you right from the start.
  • We offer a no obligation, FREE 60 minute Business Discovery Session to see if we are the right fit for you. This call is designed so that you get a clear understanding if this program is right for you. Yes or no, we’ll be thrilled that you know for sure.

Ready to see if this is the right move for you?

Check out the services below then schedule your Free Business Discovery Session.



Business Breakthrough Retreat

Isn’t it time you had some one-on-one attention in your business? This is the perfect opportunity to focus on specific goals, plans and action steps with in-person support and clarity.

During this two day BBR retreat, Jennifer will lead you and a small group of business owners through a step by step process that creates clarity in your business and a clear understanding of your next steps to move your business forward.  The strong community that is created, will help each person walk out feeling inspired, motivated to get results, a strong support system and a detailed road map for success. This retreat is great for a business owner starting out, who thrives in collaborative settings, as well as the seasoned business owner, ready to take the next steps to scale up to greater success. If you are tired of trying to figure it all out on your own, the BBR is a great environment for you to have mentorship, resources, a plan of action and a community all in one place.

Each business owner will have their chance in the spotlight, stepping into their role of CEO in their business, while having support to navigate the challenges and obstacles that have been getting in their way of reaching their full potential.

What you get:

  • Comprehensive business evaluation so that we know where you are, where you want to go and what it will take to get you there.
  • 30 minute 1:1 in-depth coaching session so that we can help you fast.
  • 2 day retreat focused on your business goals, specific challenges and strategies so you can bust through to that next level of success!
  • Detailed action plan for implementing new tools and strategies so you can get results fast!
  • A follow up 30 minute coaching call to answer questions and know the next best steps for you to get your business going in the right direction.

DVLP Your Business 12 Month Coaching Plans

Know that you’re seriously dedicated to building your own business and making an impact? Sign up for the 12 month package to get a highly customized approach focused on your personal and professional success to get you immediate results fast yet lay a strong foundation so that your business can grow quickly and effectively with your success.


This program is perfect for business owners who are looking for consistent business support, coaching and guidance typically in the early stages of their business ($125K and below) so that they can build sustainable and replicable revenue.

Goals include:

  • Creating a business that satisfies your short-term financial needs.
  • Testing your marketing, products and services quickly to see if you have a viable business idea.
  • Building a robust pipeline of customers to provide steady cash flow.
  • Participating in high return/high energy/low time marketing activities.
  • Identifying what limiting beliefs are standing in your way so you make better decisions.
  • What other goals are important to you?

 For your investment, you will receive:

  • 4 hours focused on strategy. This is time to work on your business to ensure that you have the right strategies in place to get maximum results. Depending upon where the business is in its development, we will spend strategy time developing and shoring up the business plan to get maximum financial results while amplifying the impact you want to make in the world. (Time many be broken up into two 2 hour strategies sessions.)
  • 12 hours of coaching. Best broken up into two 30 minute accountability/strategy coaching sessions per month. Coaching sessions are targeted towards busting through barriers getting in your way, strategizing specific and targeted business, sales or marketing strategies to get you clients (and to keep them!), and provide accountability so that you continue moving your business forward towards your success goals.
  • Unlimited email support during the contract period.


This program is perfect for business owners who have thriving coaching, consulting or service-driven practice making over $100,000 who want to grow their profits and impact even larger towards having a sustainable, thriving business that is supporting a path towards financial sustainability, flexibility and freedom.

Goals include:

  • Building consistency in your sales and cash flow processes so that you are confident that short-term financial needs are always covered (no more of the unpredictable entrepreneur elevator!).
  • Creating a strong foundation so that you enjoy your work and can still take time to live your life (i.e. go on vacation, have personal time, engage in hobbies and see family and friends – this means that there will be adequate systems and processes in place to make this possible!)
  • Retaining support so you can focus on your highest priorities by delegating your weaknesses.
  • Starting to pursue your impact goals.
  • What other goals are important to you?

For your investment, you will receive:

  • Four 2-hour VIP Strategy Sessions (one per quarter either in person or via videoconference. Sessions may also be combined into two 4 or one 8-hour sessions).
  • 24 hours of coaching. Thirty-minute weekly or hourly biweekly coaching calls based on your needs. Coaching sessions are targeted towards busting through barriers getting in your way, strategizing specific and targeted business scaling needs (building your team, management, operations such as policies, processes and procedures or sales or marketing strategies to get you higher level clients) and provide accountability so that you continue moving your business forward towards your success goals.
  • Unlimited email support during the contract period.

A La Carte Offerings

  • 4 Hour Strategy Session –  This offering is best suited for business owners who have been struggling with a specific barrier to their success and want a highly targeted coaching and strategy session to break through. The time can all be used in one day or in two-hour blocks of time over a month.
  • 8 Hour VIP Strategy Session – This offering is best suited for business owners who want a full, customized and intensive day focused on evaluating and strengthening all aspects of their business based on the three business success indicators – leadership, business strategy and the team they have in place to support those goals. This is a full day session which includes lunch.